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Specialized Carbine Assault Rifle - Nerf


Updated: 4/8/2006


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The BS-8 is a result of fielding the FAR for a year.  Several short comings to the FAR system were discovered and the BS-8 was designed to remedy these issues.  Like the FAR the BS-8 is a box magazine fed spring powered rifle.  The BS-8 was designed with a pump action rather than the fast action system.  The rifle is cycled by pumping the foregrip aft and then returning it to the forward position.  This rifle fires micro stefans from a brass smooth bore barrel.  The BS-8 is smaller than the FAR in all aspects making it much more agile of a weapon.  The technical designation of this rifle is BS-8 denoting that it is the 8th gun I have committed to the fabrication phase.  The descriptive designation is SCAR-N: Specialized Carbine Assault Rifle - Nerf.  This title was chosen for a variety of reason.  The obvious reasons are given by the acronym.  The term specialized means the rifle was designed for a specific tactical purpose, to be a superior frontline weapon.  The carbine term simply means the rifle is short at about 28" long.  The nerf term denotes the type of ammunition fired.  The US military issued a program entitled SCAR or Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle.  This program was started to seek out a replacement for the M16 system.  The resulting rifles entered for trial built on the strong points of the M16 system but also remedied the short comings of the M16.  The BS-8 followed the same philosophy from the FAR so I thought the SCAR title was fitting.  The image below shows the SCAR-N with all major components labeled. 

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Description..........Carbine Assault Rifle
Designation.......................BS-8 Mk1
Release Date....................March 2006
Caliber..............0.54" (Micro Stefans)
Operation........Pump-action Rotating Bolt
Propulsion..................Spring Plunger
Magazine............Detachable Bottom Feed
Mag Capacity............................11
Overall Length.......................28 in
Barrel Length........................12 in
Max Rate of Fire...................150 RPM
Max Range...........................110 ft
Effective Range......................90 ft
Accurate Range.......................70 ft
Intended Use...............Primary, Sniper

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As mentioned above the BS-8 was designed to improve upon the FAR.  In order to do that, the short comings of the FAR had to be determined.  The FAR was released in March of 2005 and has been in service for a full year.  It has had probably over a thousand rounds through it in both indoor CQB and outdoor battle situations.  I came across a few issues with the FAR.  Some of them I anticipated from the start and some were unexpected.  The issues that I had with the FAR that I wished to remedy in the SCAR are as follows:


As a result of these issues regarding the FAR, I set out to design the SCAR to address these points fro the get go.  The SCAR was to still be magazine fed through a detachable box sprung magazine.  It was to be spring/plunger powered and use shells for fast reliable cycling.  In a change from my previous guns I designed the SCAR fully in a CAD environment before ever fabricating components.  This led to minimal design-on-the-fly during fabrication.  There were still some changes made during fabrication based on materials available, etc.  The resulting design for the SCAR included the following design points to address the issues with the FAR design. 



Playing around with an AR15 magazine and a section of 17/32 brass a few years ago, I discovered that the brass will fit in the magazine quite well.  From the start I had planned on using an AR15 magazine for this rifle.  It made sense since it was readily available and worked well with the shells I planned to use.  This issue was how to fabricate a magazine well for the magazine and also a catch system.  Initially I thought of making one from scratch out of polycarbonate.  Then is occurred to me that I had already drawn it on CAD meaning I could easily enough just build it on the rapid prototyper.  Since the machine was doing the fabrication I could make accommodations for the stock magazine catch as well. 



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Ordinary PVC  piping is the main material used in the construction of the FAR.  The sizes used are as follows:

Some other special PVC fittings were used in certain situations.  For situations where a flat surface was required balsa sheeting was used.  I use 1/8" sheeting and hand picked the hardest pieces for durability.  Other materials could be substituted in place of the balsa, like lexan or another type of wood.   I like balsa because it is easy to work worth, can be hard, and I have an abundance of it.  To space the PVC pieces inside one another, I used electrical tape.  This works extremely well and can produce extremely tight fits.  I personally use CA glue (aka superglue) to due all the bonding involved.  It adheres extremely well to both PVC and balsa.  The advantage is the near instant drying time.  CA will hold just as good as PVC cement.  For assembly I used 1/2" #6 pan head sheet metal screws.  These are just the right length to penetrate from the outside of the 1 1/4" PVC to the 1/2" PVC of the barrel but not penetrate the inner wall of the 1/2" PVC.  They are very common and can be picked up at Walmart.  The last major materials utilized in the SCAR were music wire and brass tubing.  These two were used in conjunction at all pivot points.  Music wire was also utilized for retaining pins, pushrods, etc.  See the materials list in the plans for a more detailed list of materials

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Bolt/Bolt Carrier



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Upper Receiver



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Lower Receiver

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Fire Control Group


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Materials List <.xls Coming Soon>

SCAR Detail Drawings <.rar Coming Soon>

SCAR Solid Model <.rar Coming Soon>

The model was created in SolidWorks 2006.  Due to the nature of SW, you must have SW2006 or later to open the files.  You will not be able to open them with any version prior to 2006.  The drawings are image exports from SolidWorks and can be opened like any other image.  The materials list is done in MS Excel and is in .xls format. 

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Available for download are some videos showcasing specific points of the SCAR-N. 

SCAR-N Cycling <3.0Mb>

SCAR-N Lockup Detail <2.91 Mb>

SCAR-N Bolt Detail <1.55 Mb>

SCAR-N Magazine Loading <1.81 Mb>

SCAR-N Pump-Action Detail <2.77 Mb>

SCAR-N Slow Chambering of a Round <1.07 Mb>

SCAR-N Trigger Mechanism Detail <2.49 Mb>

SCAR-N Single Round Firing <2.11 Mb>

SCAR-N Cycling 4 Rounds <1.35 Mb>

SCAR-N Firing 3 Rounds at 35 Feet <1.88 Mb>

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