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Following metropolitan impulses and collecting resources to build your dream SimCity Buildit

After a glittering record in franchise outings, EA mobile launched SimCity Buildit. It didn’t go down too well with many purists that are still caught up in the 90’s maze of freemium franchises. This game might get patchy and itchy at times, but it does impress a fulfilling and wholesome user experience. It’s all about building a city from the ground zero with the minimum resources you have and start advancing to more development work with the resources that assimilate slowly and steadily. It’s like real-life town planning where you allocate special plots for residential units, commercial buildings and a totally different and special zone for industrial work. Homes and factories don’t stay together and it’s your directive to ensure they are kept in their own blocks.

The noteworthy part

A harmonious blend of both is what this game demands from players and returns the favor in the form a magnificent city.

  • A very rattling thing is that the more you play, the more tempted you might become to continue playing to the next level. The reason is you have already built half of the town, seen how it’s bustling with life and now want to finish the job.
  • The different development layers, works and phases of the game are designed in a way that it lures to spend cash to go further.
  • You can’t really help it since that’s precisely how freemium games thrive in the market. However, you can render the in-app purchases irrelevant with the simcity buildit hack tool.

The SimCash part

Play the game for a while and you’ll understand that the Simcash accounts or the in-game properties are all real-world cash.

  • SimCash accounts are typically of $5-$100. Once you go out with a plot of residential units, you’ll discover how you can pave the path for the inhabitants of the city to go to their homes and settle down peacefully.
  • You don’t need to pay for this specific development. The game doesn’t put any compulsion on its players in this case.
  • You also don’t have to pay for utilities like roads. Needless to say, you can’t place roads continuously or in an intermittent manner sans earning these public sector utilities. You need to level up in this case.

A strategy-based outing

Being a city-stimulator game, SimCity is all about strategizing your moves and town-building efforts.

  • On many occasions, you have to deal with the burgeoning class of the city. It’s you job to convey the intent and motto of your projects to the masses as your only aim is to make them happy.
  • Infrastructure works like roads, sewage, bridge, drains and water facilities matter a lot. You must ensure that you focus on these to earn more rewards.
  • Faulty maintenance or incorrect planning can lead to explosions in warehouses and factories, leading to loss of property.

The consumerism aspect

SimCity Buildit is just another exciting freemium outing with a devised system to generate revenue. There are instances when players have to go for in-app purchases to fetch raw materials and build structures. However, that’s not mandatory and you disable the stores through your device settings.

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